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SQL has evolved tremendously.

Is your company still stuck in SQL-⁠92?

Optimal SQL Benefits for Your Company

Almost every business application is backed by an SQL database. This could form the foundation for the limitless use of company data. Nevertheless, many companies waste this potential simply because they lack up-to-date modern SQL know-how.

SQL has evolved considerably in recent years. The purely relational dogma was already abandoned in 1999. What followed was continuous extension through the incorporation of handy features to address problems that are hard to solve with relational algebra. Today, you can use SQL to implement many data processing requirements more correctly, more efficiently, and in less time when compared to other programming languages—if you have the modern know-how.

Markus Winand helps companies of any size to benefit from current SQL know-how.

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All online trainings are conducted as a series of several two hour long units. This allows the participants to reflect on the training content and clarify any questions directly in the next unit. Additionally, each participant gets an one hour private consulting voucher—for questions that don’t fit into the class.

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