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Events with Markus Winand and SQL

September 2019

September 16-20 — Vienna, Austria

5-day SQL-Training

Performance and Modern SQL Training (German)

After this 5-day training, the participants clearly stand out from the field: they master modern SQL, know design principles for scalable databases and have gained practical experience through numerous exercises.

Topics: SQL Performance (indexing), SQL Reloaded (from Join to NULL), Analysis and Aggregation, Recursive Queries.

Tickets: € 2490,— (plus 20% VAT). Full content, all dates and enrollment ⇗

October 2019

October 16-18 — Milan, Italy


Be Inclusive: Welcome Non-key Columns in B-Tree Indexes

PostgreSQL 11 introduced the INCLUDE clause for b-tree indexes. The main intention of this clause is to enable Index Only Scans without including selected columns into the index key. But the INCLUDE clause has many other interesting capabilities that might be even more useful than the support of Index Only Scans.

This talk gives you a brief introduction into b-tree indexes, Index Only Scans and what the INCLUDE clause does. It demonstrates where cases the INCLUDE clause can be beneficial and discusses a few more subtle benefits that are not commonly known. Finally, the talk also shows the limits of the INCLUDE clause in PostgreSQL 11.

Tickets: € 360,—. Event website ⇗

November 2019

November 10 — Sofia, Bulgaria

Bulgaria PHP Conference (BGPHP)

More Than a Query Language: SQL in the 21st Century

“Great News–The Relational Model is Dead” was a prominent comment on the release of the new SQL standard in 1999. The message behind the provoking statement was that SQL has evolved beyond the relational model. As much as this move was discussed at that time, it took decades until database vendors caught up with this idiomatic change. Many developers haven’t heard of it until today.

This talk provides the big picture on the evolution of SQL and introduces some selected modern SQL features by example. You will see that SQL has changed as much as our requirements have changed over the past decades.

Tickets from € 234,— Conference Website ⇗

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