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Transform Out-dated SQL-92 Knowledge into Current SQL Know-How!

Behind nearly every business application today is an SQL database – that means that the ways to put company data to use is nearly limitless. Nonetheless, many businesses throw away all of this potential. The reason: lacking modern SQL know-how.

Make use of my many years of successful SQL training and bring your IT team up to the most current level of SQL knowledge. Once again in 2020, I’ll be offering two course options:

These 5-day training sessions have several goals: afterward the participants have a thorough grasp of modern SQL, understand design principles for scalable databases, and have amassed a wealth of SQL experience through completing many practical exercises. With this well-founded know-how, they’ll clearly be a step ahead of future competition.

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“The best SQL training developers can get“

Jean-Claude Brantschen, Software Engineer @ PuzzleITC

10 Years of Experience: Custom Training for Your IT Team!

Take advantage of my 8 years of development experience with an international bank and more than 10 years of experience as an SQL trainer and consultant for companies of all sizes and in all sectors. In addition to my open courses, I offer custom SQL know-how transfer in the form of in-house sessions and one-on-one online courses that are precisely tailored to meet your needs.

Newsletters to Keep You Up-to-Date

What’s happening right now in the world of SQL databases? My biannual Big News in Databases newsletter keeps you informed about all of the important trends and developments. Of course it’s available free of charge and you can cancel anytime. Sign up today!

“A truly productive training”

Niclas Vester, Owner @ 800 rader

SQL Renaissance Ambassador

As the SQL Renaissance Ambassador, it’s my mission to make developers aware of the evolution of SQL in the 21st century. My book “SQL Performance Explained” has been published in five languages and can be read online free of charge at My next book is currently in the works and can already be read online as it’s being written ( I am available as a trainer, speaker and consultant for all companies and developers interested in SQL. You’ll find more info at

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