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Training Dates 2019 Announced

I’ve just set the dates from my 5-day long advanced SQL training in Vienna in 2019.

There will be three opportunities for you to join, one in German and two in English:

  • May 13-17 2019 (German)

  • September 16-20 2019 (English)

  • November 4-8 2019 (English)

You can enroll right now!

Also keep in mind that can also hire me for an in-house training in your office or for a one-on-one online training. In both cases you can even define the content of the training yourself.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Key-Facts About the Training

Audience: experienced SQL users (developers, analysts). No more than 8 participants.

Duration: a full week (Mon-Fri)

Price: €2490 (plus 20% VAT, €2988) per participant.

Topics: Performance and Indexing, NULL and three-valued logic, advanced aggregates and window functions, recursion. Find the full content online.

In the package: Training material (two books), exercises with solutions covering several databases, teammate on demand service (60 minutes) and catering (lunch, snacks, drinks).

All details and the registrations are available on my website.


Black Friday and Cyber Monday

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SQL Renaissance Ambassador

As the SQL Renaissance Ambassador, it’s my mission to make developers aware of the evolution of SQL in the 21st century. My book “SQL Performance Explained” has been published in five languages and can be read online free of charge at use-the-index-luke.com. My next book is currently in the works and can already be read online as it’s being written (modern-sql.com). I am available as a trainer, speaker and consultant for all companies and developers interested in SQL. You’ll find more info at winand.at.

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