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Those in the IT field who neglect education quickly fall behind.

When did your developers get their last SQL update?

Modern SQL for Small and Mid-Sized Companies

SQL has undergone an incredible amount of development in recent years. Unfortunately, while larger organizations can simply call on in-house training specialists to handle the continuing education of their SQL developers, small companies and self-employed developers are often left out in the cold when it comes to upgrading their SQL know-how.

It’s for just this reason that I also provide economical 5-day courses in Vienna so that such professionals can comprehensively update their knowledge – that’s in addition to the well-known online one-on-one training possibilities that I offer. This intensive course includes topics like intelligent indexing to increase SQL performance along with data consistency, analysis and aggregation, recursive queries and much more.

The goal of the training is straightforward enough: I you become a modern SQL professional, gain an understanding of design principles for scalable databases, and get practical experience thanks to the numerous exercises that are part of the course. To find out more, have a look at my website where you’ll find information about the courses I offer especially for small companies and solo professionals. Get the tools you need for your future success!

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SQL Renaissance Ambassador

As the SQL Renaissance Ambassador, it’s my mission to make developers aware of the evolution of SQL in the 21st century. My book “SQL Performance Explained” has been published in five languages and can be read online free of charge at use-the-index-luke.com. My next book is currently in the works and can already be read online as it’s being written (modern-sql.com). I am available as a trainer, speaker and consultant for all companies and developers interested in SQL. You’ll find more info at winand.at.

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