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The following conferences have already confirmed the presentations of Markus Winand.

Jannuary 2018

ViennaDB – Vienna, Austria – 17.1.2018 19:00

Four New Major Releases in Review

In 2017 we have already seen new major releases of three popular SQL databases (MariaDB, SQL Server and PostgreSQL). MySQL 8.0 is in the works for a while, but not yet ready for prime time. In this talk I’ll walk through the new SQL features introduced by the major releases from this year.

Free registration required. Another talks will be given at the same event: “Running PostgreSQL for the Viennese Government”. Free registration at Meetup.com ⇗.

February 2018

FOSDEM PgDay – Brussels, Belgium – 2.2.2018

Standard SQL features where PostgreSQL beats its competitors

The SQL standard has more than 4300 pages and hundreds of optional features. The number of features offered by different products varies vastly. PostgreSQL implements a relativley large number of them.

In this session I present some standard SQL features that work in PostgreSQL, but not in other popular open-source databases. But when it comes to standard conformance, PostgreSQL doesn’t even need to fear the comparison to its commercial competitors: PostgreSQL also supports a few useful standard SQL features that don’t work in any of the three most popular commercial SQL databases.

Admittance fee for FOSDEM PgDay is € 50,–. Register at the event’s site ⇗

The Free and Open-Source Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM) ⇗ takes place in Brussels on the next days (Sat, Sun). Admittance to the weekend event is free.

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