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February 2019

Frankfurter Entwicklertag 2019

February 21 — Frankfurt, Germany

Die Mutter aller Abfragesprachen: SQL im 21. Jahrhundert

Wussten Sie, dass das rein relationale Dogma von SQL bereits 1999 aufgegeben wurde?

SQL-92 war der letzte Standard, der auf die relationale Idee beschränkt war. Ab 1999 wurde SQL um nicht-relationale Operationen und Datenstrukturen erweitert. Obwohl dieser Schritt damals viel diskutiert wurde, dauerte es Jahrzehnte, bis die Datenbankhersteller dieses Paradigmenwechsel verdaut hatten. Viele Entwickler haben bis heute nichts davon gehört.

Das Jahr 2018 markiert aber den Wendepunkt. Mit dem Erscheinen von MySQL 8.0 hat auch die letzte der gängigen SQL-Datenbanken den Paradigmenwechsel vollzogen und unterstützt die wichtigsten nicht-relationalen Konzepte von SQL.

Dieser Vortrag gibt einen Überblick über die Evolution von SQL seit 1999. Neben Rekursionen und Window-Funktionen wird die Unterstützung schemaloser Dokumente (JSON) und die Zeitreisefähigkeiten von SQL vorgestellt. Dabei wird auch aufgezeigt, wann diverse Hersteller begonnen haben, nicht-relationales SQL zu unterstützen. Letztendlich zeigt der Vortrag, dass sich SQL in den letzten Jahrzehnten genauso weiterentwickelt hat, wie die Anforderungen mit denen man in der Entwicklung zu tun hat.

Ticket: € 30 (students), €300 (early bird), €350 (regular). Conference website ⇗

March 2019

March 12 — Paris, France

pgDay Paris

Be Inclusive: Welcome Non-key Columns in B-Tree Indexes

PostgreSQL 11 introduced the INCLUDE clause for b-tree indexes. The main intention of this clause is to enable Index Only Scans without including selected columns into the index key. But the INCLUDE clause has many other interesting capabilities that might be even more useful than the support of Index Only Scans.

This talk gives you a brief introduction into b-tree indexes, Index Only Scans and what the INCLUDE clause does. It demonstrates where cases the INCLUDE clause can be beneficial and discusses a few more subtle benefits that are not commonly known. Finally, the talk also shows the limits of the INCLUDE clause in PostgreSQL 11.

Conference Website ⇗

March 22 — Berlin, Germany

BOB Konferenz 2019

Modern SQL: Evolution of a dinosaur (45 minutes talk)

Purely relational SQL has been abandoned in 1999. Since then, SQL has got many non-relational features for problems that are hard to solve with relational algebra. Today, SQL is Turing complete, can process graphs, has semantic understanding of XML and JSON, is able to automatically keep historic versions, can analyze time series using regular expressions and much more.

This presentation demonstrates what modern SQL can do for you. It compares two different approaches to common problems: a purely relational one and the modern SQL approach. You will see that modern SQL databases are the Swiss Army Knives of persistence which allow up to react quickly when requirements change.

In this session, developers and software architects of all levels gain a better understanding where SQL is today so that they are able to make more educated decisions. A lot has happened since SQL-92!

I'm also giving a tutorial at this event:

Superficial SQL Indexing: An Epidemic Plague (90 min tutorial)

What if a single root cause was responsible for most SQL performance issues?

Proper indexing is a very time and cost-effective way to improve SQL performance. Yet hardly anyone gets it right so that about 50% of all SQL performance problems can be attributed to the index/query mismatch.

In this tutorial I’ll explain how organizational structures hinder proper indexing and why it is not sufficiently covered in the relevant literature. Naturally, this tutorial will also explain how to approach indexing for a better result and demonstrate the most common indexing mistakes in a fun and educating way: in a live quiz with the audience.

Conference Website ⇗

May 2019

JAX 2019

Mai 7-9 — Mainz, Germany

Modernes SQL: Evolution eines Dinosauriers

Tickets: from € 639,—. Conference website ⇗

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