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The following conferences have already confirmed the presentations of Markus Winand.

March 2018

Java User Group Graz (JUGG) – Graz, Austria – 2018-03-29

Epidemic Plague: Superficial SQL Indexing

Proper indexing is a very time and cost-effective way to improve SQL performance. Yet hardly anyone gets it right or knows how different ways to write a query affects indexing and performance. In this session I’ll explain why this knowledge is sparse and what developers can do about it. Finally we will go through the most important indexing mistakes by example and discuss them during a short live quiz with the audience.

Free registration required. Register here ⇗

April 2018

PgConf.de – Berlin, Germany – 2018-04-13

Modernes SQL: Wie PostgreSQL die Konkurrenz aussticht

Der SQL-Standard hat mehr als 4300 Seiten und definiert hunderte optionale Funktionen. Die Zahl der Funktionen, die einzelne SQL-Produkte unterstützen ist höchst unterschiedlich. PostgreSQL setzt eine vergleichsweise große Anzahl optionaler Features um. In diesem Vortrag präsentiere ich einige SQL-Funktionen, die in PostgreSQL funktionieren, nicht aber in anderen populären open-source SQL-Datenbanken. Wenn es aber um Standardkonformität geht, braucht PostgreSQL den Vergleich mit kommerziellen Datenbanken auch nicht scheuen – denn PostgreSQL unterstützt einige nützliche SQL-Funktionen, die in keiner der drei populärsten kommerziellen SQL-Datenbanken funktionieren.

Talks are held in German. Admittance fee is €20.-(students), €80.- (early bird), €100.-(regular). Conference website ⇗

Grazer Linux Tage – Graz, Austria – 2018-04-28

Modernes SQL in Open-Source Datenbanken

Mit MariaDB 10.2 und insbesondere MySQL 8.0 werden einige der wichtigsten SQL-Neuerungen eingeführt und damit einer größeren Nutzergruppe zugänglich. Dieser Vortrag zeigt die wichtigsten Neuerungen und deren Vorteile.

The Grazer Linux Tage is a free conference. I will give my talk in German. Conference website ⇗

May 2018

CRAFT Meetup – Budapest, Hungary – 2018-05-08 or 2018-05-09

I’ll speak at the Meetup pre-events. Details to be announced. Speaker page ⇗

PgCon.org – Ottawa, Canada – 2018-05-31 - 2018-06-01

Standard SQL Gap Analysis: Standard SQL features where PostgreSQL lags behind its competitors

PostgreSQL supports an impressive number of standard SQL features in an outstanding quality. Yet there remain some cases where other databases exceed PostgreSQL’s capabilities in regard to standard SQL conformance.

This session presents the gaps found during an in-depth comparison of selected standard SQL features among six popular SQL databases. The selected features include, among others, window functions and common tables expressions—both of them were recently introduced to MySQL and MariaDB.

The comparison uses a set of conformance tests I use for my website modern-sql.com. These tests are based on the SQL:2016 standard and attempt to do a rather complete test of the requirements set out in the standard. This includes the correct declared type of expressions as well as the correct SQLSTATE in case of errors (teaser: nobody seems to care about SQLSTATE).

This presentation covers two aspects: (1) features not supported by PostgreSQL but by other databases; (2) features available in PostgreSQL that are less complete or conforming as in other databases.

There are also tutorials and an unconference on the days before. Admittance fee CAD 45,— – 195,—. PgCon.org ⇗

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