SQL Performance Training

Enjoy our unique approach to explaining SQL performance in a logical and easily understandable way—you will start writing faster SQL applications right away! In our training, we do more than just explain database performance from a developer's perspective; we also cover the challenges related to object-relational mapping (ORM) tools.

Our SQL performance training combines three different formats for smooth knowledge transfer:

  • The Training
    In our two-day course Markus Winand relates the functional principle of modern SQL databases and explains everything developers need to know about indexing, join and sort operations, parameterized queries, and the scalability of databases.

  • Instant Coaching
    You'll get a one hour Instant Coaching voucher: contact Markus Winand up to one month after the training to clarify any questions via an online desktop sharing session.

  • SQL Tuning Book
    You'll also get a copy of “SQL Performance Explained” to use for later reference and to deepen your understanding of the material covered in the training.

Specifically for Developers!

Our training is not about database configuration—instead we seek to optimize the data access that is carried out by the application. The participants must have SQL experience.

We offer a number of English language training events:

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