Instant Coaching

Instant Coaching is an online consulting service for developers with complex questions about SQL performance. You get rapid, comprehensive and economical support via desktop sharing.

Is good really good enough?

Many developers have a good understanding of SQL, but most do not have enough experience to quickly find the best solution in order to optimize performance. The result: wasted time and money.

Faster to the best solution

Instant Coaching doesn't use fabricated examples — instead we discuss real problems. This supports the developer in actively solving current SQL database problems that are not covered by the database maintenance contract—quickly and efficiently—regardless of the brand.

Flexible consulting on demand

We offer transparent billing without base fees or minimum charges: the service is requested on an on-demand basis and billed according to actual usage. To control costs, a monthly limit can be agreed upon.

Test & Decide

Three simple steps and you can start your first Instant Coaching session within minutes. You can complete the first step right now, with no obligation!

Step 1: Register