Instant Coaching is billed for each half-hour or part thereof. There is no minimum sale or basic amount. Please fill in the registration form to receive further information.


Payment is done via the Authorize & Capture procedure through PayPal. For that, you first choose a maximum amount (budget) for the Instant-Coaching session and authorize PayPal to process a payment to us up to this amount. This authorization does not yet transfer any funds, but allows us to debit your PayPal account at a later time. Whenever your use your service, we will check if it is covered by a valid authorization and debit the actual amount after the Instant-Coaching session. See also Authorization & Capture at PayPal.

Please contact use for an alternative payment model if you cannot use PayPal.


VAT will be charged to domestic customers [Austria]. Customers from other EU Member States may get tax-free billing under the terms of the reverse-charge system, by announcing a valid EU VAT registration number (UID). Customers in non EU-states will not be charged VAT.

Technical Requirements

  • Suitable Internet connection
  • Voice connection via phone, Skype or TeamViewer

Getting started

Our procedure for new clients consists of three simple steps:

  1. Registration (without obligation)
    After completing the registration form, we will contact you with further details how to complete the next steps.
  2. Payment authorization via PayPal
  3. Arrange your Instant-Coaching session


As we are a small shop, highly specializes consultancy company, we cannot promise any availability, but you can use the availability calendar on the right-hand side so get a rough impression of our availability in the next weeks. Please also note our local time:


The general terms and conditions for Instant Coaching are available for download.

Other Questions?

Please use the contact form.