Information + Motivation = Innovation!

Motivation and education are crucial to the success of every team. That’s why many organizations regularly send their staff to conferences – unfortunately such trips also involve lost productivity along with high costs related to travel, enrollment fees, etc.

Through in-house seminars with external specialists, the costs are both more manageable and more transparent. Loss in productivity is kept to a minimum while the know-how of your employees is always kept at the highest level. At the same time, it’s possible to motivate your team in a more targeted way – the focus is on the issues that your company needs to address.

Add SQL to your next in-house event!

SQL databases are an essential component of every organization, so it’s clear that the topic should not be left out of your internal events. There are many possibilities for presenting SQL topics in a fun way…here are two examples:

Topic 1: The SQL Indexing Game

This presentation covers the most common cause of poor SQL performance—the index/query mismatch—and shortly explains how it happened that a single issue causes so much trouble. The main part of this presentation is centered on a fun way to find the solution to this problem: a live quiz with the audience in which very important examples of the index/query mismatch are presented. Naturally we also describe how performance can be vastly improved in ways that are easy to implement.

Topic 2: Does Modern SQL Actually Exist?

The SQL database language has seen significant development over the last few decades – a fact that nonetheless has neither been addressed in the related literature nor in course offerings. The result: Many developers are using SQL as it existed 20 years ago. This presentation shows practical examples of the most important innovations and compares them with the “old” solutions from SQL-92. In this way it becomes clear to all that many of the problems in modern SQL can be resolved simply and elegantly.

Markus Winand - The SQL Specialist for In-House Seminars!

As an internationally known SQL specialist, I am regularly asked to speak at in-house seminars and other events. This gives me the chance to pass on my SQL know-how to others! My reference book – SQL Performance Explained – is now a standard reference book in the field. Though it was first published a few years ago, I’m always working to make the content better and better.

Please feel free to contact me anytime if you would like more information! We can work together to develop a custom presentation that precisely addresses the challenges being faced by your SQL developers. I look forward to hearing from you!

Markus Winand - Director
Markus Winand - Director
Tuning Developers for High SQL Performance